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Home again at Ceann Mara Station, where she spent a happy childhood with her four sisters on the banks of the Darling River, Catriona O'Byrne feels safe. Scarred by a harrowing attack during her final year at university, she falls into the familiar, nursing both her body and her trust in all that she once believed in.

Desperate for a pursuit that will fill the days as she recovers, and eager to escape the shadows of her past, Catriona stumbles upon a hidden family legacy. Her father's relentless research of their ancestors, the O'Byrne brothers—Thomas and Samuel—leads her on a journey through time and Catriona begins to uncover family secrets.

In the nineteenth century, two siblings faced a life-altering choice: to abandon their ancestral farm in County Kerry or remain and endure the relentless struggle of famine. As Catriona unearths the layers of history, a gripping family saga unfolds. Thomas’s pursuit of success along the Darling River stands in stark contrast to Samuel’s arduous battle to adapt to a foreign land. Hidden resentments festered, and Catriona is surprised to uncover the existence of a third brother who did not emigrate with Thomas and Samuel.

For a century and a half, silence has shrouded their Irish kin, but Catriona becomes captivated by the whispered betrayals of the past and Samuel's tenacious fight for survival. As she immerses herself in the stories of their forbears, she uncovers a multitude of secrets.

Three university friends arrive unannounced at the sheep station, and Catriona is confronted by a betrayal that threatens not only her newfound peace but her very survival.

In her confusion, where past and present collide, can Catriona navigate their sad family history and learn who she can trust before it’s too late?

A riveting tale of resilience, secrets, and the unbreakable bonds of family, where betrayal and survival hang in the balance.

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