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100 Years II: Truth Be Told

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100 Years II: Truth Be Told is the follow-up to the book “100 Years: A Journey to End a Vicious Cycle.” The first book shared the true story of how Mark was on the journey to end the cycle of crime, drugs, and prison within his family. Mark continues his journey to end the cycle of crime and prison in his family as well as in the African American Community. Mark is addressing issues such as the destruction of the African American Community and police brutality. Our communities have been plagued with abuse, violence, lies, and division since the days of slavery.

Mark understands that self-hate does exist within the African American Community. This self-hate must be conquered through the development of self-worth, love, and purpose within the heart and mind. Without the necessary changes, the cycle will continue on to the next generation. We can’t afford to lose another generation to drugs, streets, crime, or prison. The truth must be told!

The author has displayed tremendous growth over the past few years. Mark understands that true change must be initiated from within. This also applies in terms of the needed changes within the African American Community. There is no time for excuses or pointing fingers. There are absolutely no excuses! Anyone who has endured a struggle or may currently be experiencing a struggle will relate to such a magnificent story.

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