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Self Evaluation Goal Plan - PREVENTION STRATEGIES

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A great tool to help students set smart goals for their behaviour and achievements, can be used with the whole class or one on one with individual students. Students reflect on their participation, attitude to work and daily behaviour, then make a plan to continue with their positives and work on areas that need improvement.


Clear, consistent, universal, expectations and consequences, means educated behaviour choices

INSTRUCTIONS TO MAKE WORKSHEET: · Print on white paper or coloured paper OPTIONS: · Make a booklet with several pages for re-evaluating TO USE: · Introduce the worksheet as a tool to get thoughts organised and improve happiness and success · Student can decorate the page · Student may wish to draw on a blank page while adult asks questions and scribes · Send photocopy home for students to discuss with parents for consistency in environments

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BWTHD has a range of resources that use consistent language and can be implemented throughout your school as whole school behaviour management tools. Consistency is key.
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