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Regrow Veggies From Scraps Ebook

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Learn how to regrow veggies from scraps to save money & reduce food waste!

This ebook takes you step-by-step through how to regrow green onions, lettuce, and celery from ones you bought at the store! Plus learn how to grow microgreens as well.

As long as the root end is still attached, you can regrow these veggies indoors in just water!

Have fresh, local veggies growing in your home within days!

"Not only am I making better use of something that I would have otherwise composted (or threw in the stock pot), but I'm literally making food out of water."

In addition to this ebook, you'll need:

  • root ends of vegetables such as green onions, scallions, spring onions, celery, romaine lettuce, butter lettuce
  • small container
  • water
  • sunny windowsill


  • soil
  • pot
  • grow light
You will get a PDF (645KB) file
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