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Fractions for beginners

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This product is perfect to use as an intro to fractions and how to add/subtract having a common denominator. This resource can supplement your current lesson with attractive activities. Includes posters and handouts that can be given to each student to place in their folders and be used as classroom posters that will work as a guide when dealing with fractions. Will learn what a fraction is and where are the numerator and the denominator. Students will circle shapes that are divided into equal parts, color the shapes to represent the fraction shown, match fractions, and write fractions based on the given picture. Take a look at the thumbnails to see the variety included in this resource.

This unit is going to be part of a bundle soon which will be entirely up for purchase at a discount price. Once that bundle is completed which will entail a total of 10 units put together with 300+ pages the link will be provided here for all you super amazing people. Implement these worksheets in your lesson plan to ease student understanding and provide that extra practice some kiddos may need.

Hope this helps and have fun!

Total 58 pages.
You will get a PDF (2MB) file

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