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A Killer Groove: A Lukas Boston Mystery

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A Killer Groove: A Lukas Boston Mystery.
“The air stank of spilled alcohol, body odour and a faint whiff of vomit – and now something else. The smell of burnt flesh. Killing the bass player in the middle of a song will ruin most shows.”

Someone is killing off vintage hard rockers Constant Black one by one and while the social media attention means the band’s popularity is going through the roof, it’s running out of members to play the songs.

Lukas Boston is a private detective who attracts beautiful women, annoying ghosts and murder investigations no one else will take on. Now Lukas has to find out who is murdering the musicians, discover where the priceless tapes of a secret recording session are hidden, and avoid a pair of murderous drug dealers.

A beautiful ghost called Jasmine only provides cryptic clues. Sleeping with the enemy might help and the Flower Girls pop group certainly agree — Lukas is the best thing to walk through the door in weeks, but competition between the girls is fierce.

Welcome to the world of Lukas Boston, a place filled with sex, drugs, rock’n’roll and murder — where bass players are expendable.
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