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A Bride's Choice in Central City-ebook

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She’s not who she thought she was…
…And he can’t keep a promise
Will they only disappoint each other?

Annabelle Singleton, a Southern socialite on her way to spinsterhood has her world broken when she discovers her life is a lie. While Annabelle searches for her place in society Thaddeus offers her a glimpse of what things could become. His young daughter grows attached to Annabelle, but is she ready to be a mother when she isn’t sure who hers was?

Despite his intentions, investor Thaddeus Kincaid continues to break promises to his young daughter and late wife. The only way to keep his word is to spend less time managing his company or find a wife. Neither option is viable. Until he meets Annabelle. But she has a secret, and until he finds out what it is, he can’t consider a future with her.

In the end, does the truth make you who you are?

Annabelle will have to decide.

You will root for Annabelle in A Bride’s Choice because everyone understands making a decision for love.
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Some wonderful concepts presented in this book were: self worth, balancing family and work, adoption, and how difficult it was for a single woman to provide for themselves during this time period. Also, this book presented to the reader how hard it was to give or accept trust.

— JP

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 Brandmeyer Is definitely one of my new favorite Christian authors.


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A well written inspiring story. I really enjoyed the characters. It is the third in this series and it didn’t disappoint. I really enjoy the writing by this author.

Lisa Clement