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A Practical Guide to Healthy Living

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A Practical Guide to Healthy Living

We provide 10 pillars of healing that will help promote both your mind, body, spirit and emotional health. This will bring them into harmonic vibrations that promotes vibrant health and happiness.

You will learn amongst many others:

How to master your thinking(psychology) and it’s impact on both your body and environment manifestations – health or disease
How to master your physiological functions in your trillion body cells to help manifest vibrant health and happiness at all times.
Health is the natural default status. Disease is an illusion.
The power of both the nocebo and placebo effects in our health and disease manifestation.
As within so is without. You are the farmer within your body and are subject to the immutable universal law of sowing and reaping – root cause therapy.
You will get a PDF (14MB) file

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