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Whether you're just starting your writing adventure or are a grizzled veteran, having a second set of eyes, a professional opinion or even a coaching session can cut your learning curve by a lot.

I've worked in this crazy (and ever-evolving) since '01. I've made every mistake at least twice (just in case the first time was a fluke). When we chat, I can give you insights and short cuts when it comes to...

  • Profitable book publishing
  • Really fun product creation
  • Market research that isn't sleazy
  • Simple copywriting techniques that work
  • Website creation that won't drive you crazy
  • Book blurbs made easy
  • Online ads that won't bankrupt your checkbook
  • Uncomplicated SEO
  • Keywords that help sell your writing
  • Fiction writing that readers enjoy
  • Nonfiction writing that'll help you achieve your goals
  • Sales funnels to help aid your bottom line
  • Working with online bookstores -- how to help them sell your book
  • Working with brick and mortars -- what works and what doesn't
  • Building and maintaining a zine -- your best marketer
  • Grassroots marketing that costs little to nothing
  • Low (and no) costs marketing (because let's face it, some of these profit margins are slim!)
  • Dealing with writing blocks -- If you haven't had one, you will...
  • And more

If your question has to do with publishing and/or marketing your work, hit me up! We'll connect via Zoom (you'll even get a recording) or Google Hangouts.

Once I receive word that you'd like a consultation, you can expect an email from me so we can set up a time.

So, gather your questions, and let's get you on track for success. I can't wait to chat! :)