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Circulatim: Arcs 3 - Camp Howit Happened (EPUB)

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Alex begins that difficult time of life - puberty. Things change, rapidly.
He finds himself feeling new and frightening things, especially for his first best friend ever. In the confusion and tumult of a single moment, he exposes his deepest secret to his best friend, only to lose him - and all of his friends when his secret spreads through the school. He becomes an outcast.
Then he moves.
High school starts in just a couple of months, and he hasn't even adjusted to his new home yet, when his parents send him off to a summer study camp for kids entering high school.
Camp Howit offers numerous opportunities, but Alex finds that the best one isn't listed in the brochure.
And he learns quite a bit about himself - more than he could have ever expected. And he loses more than he'd ever had before.

Before Alex met Tom, Jeff, and the gang, his life was no simpler. In fact, it was just as trying and confusing. In ways, even more so. How did he discover that he was gay? What was the mysterious 'thing that happened that never happened'? Who were his first loves, even before Toby? These and other questions are answered.

*Contains explicit sexual content.

"The earliest story of Alex Raymond yet, and it doesn't disappoint! Many undiscussed events hinted at in the massive Circle books are answered, and they were worth the wait! Ray Smith may have created one of the most endearing and exciting young protagonists in gay teen stories ever! And this early installment of that character's history is a must-read!"

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