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25 Attitudes You Must Have For A Breakthrough!

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25 Attitude You Must Have for a Breakthrough!

In "25 Attitudes You Must Have for a Breakthrough." I put together my best breakthrough principles that has helped me receive breakthroughs over and over again, and now I want to share my secrets with you because I truly love seeing people succeed.

There are principles and keys to receiving your breakthroughs and I reveal them all in this Ebook.

 This year has to change for you!

If you just take the first principle that I share with you in "25 Attitudes You Must Have for a Breakthrough," it will change your entire life if you remain consistent in implementing only the 1st principle.

I want to help you live a life full of breakthroughs, intentionality, purpose, dreams and fulfillment.

I will teach you how to speak the right words to change your situations!

Yes! Your life has meaning and Yes! There is more to life than what you are currently experiencing.
God ordained for you to live in your full potential, but you have to take inventory of the life that you have created for yourself and you need to ask yourself, am I happy with the results? If you are, I can show you how to take your already happy and beautiful life up a notch! If you are not happy with your results, I can show you how to change your life with these principles and attitudes that I share with you in this Ebook.

I have the secret sauce! I have the missing ingredient that you've been searching for.

God revealed to me why I was producing wrong results in my life and He showed me how to change it.

Are you ready to go to the next level in your life?
Are you willing to do the work that is required of you, to produce the results that you want to manifest?

You will learn how to fight to keep your dreams alive!

Then let me show you how. I am so confident that implementing just the first principle alone will give you results, imagine implementing all 25 of them, That should shatter your glass ceiling.

I will teach you how to attract abundance just by being grateful!

Let me help you get free from people pleasing. Let me help you add more meaning to your life. Let me help you to fast track your dreams and goals this year.
If you put into action everything I share with you, I guarantee you that you will see change right away! The key to this is, you must be consistent in putting these attitudes and principles into practice and be intentional about it.

I will show you how to live the life that you deserve!

These are simple but powerful principles and attitudes that I practice in my own life, and as a result of it, I've seen major breakthroughs. Some of the things you would start to notice is that you have more peace, feel happier, more confident of your future and you will begin to see your goals and dream unfold right before your eyes. Some of things I have experenced in my own life are: 

  • Breakthrough Healing
  • Financial increase
  • Hearts desire
  • Increase in favor
  • More meaningful connection
  • More order in my life
  • Seeing my own dreams come to pass
  • Breakthrough to a better marriage
  • Release from people pleasing
  • Breakthrough to being my authentic self

You definitely want to crack the code that has been preventing forward movement in your life. Face your fears head on. Lets breakthrough every stronghold that is preventing forward movement in your life. 

You will learn how to clear the clutter that is causing you to feel overwhelm, and break away from anything and anyone that is stealing time away from you and your goals!

You are getting coaching in an Ebook. Every 25 attitudes is a coaching module. This information is well worth the cost of a 97.00 coaching program, but you get to have access to my secrets for

                                                                                    only 14.97 

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What do you have to loose?

Here is what a customer had to say after reading 25 Attitudes You Must Have For A Breakthrough!

I will tell you, after reading this book I began to look back on the many ways I stopped my own breakthroughs just by what I was thinking and doing.

WOW! After reading chapter 8, "Change is good and "always be willing to change if something is not working for you so that you can get the results you really want, and "change only happens when you want to be free," this chapter really blessed me, because I said to myself, I want to be free, but I was afraid of change.

Chapter 22, "Fear will rob you of your purpose, your destiny and your joy." This chapter just brought it home for me. Now I better understand the strategies to receiving my breakthroughs. Thank You Coach Angie!

Portia P.

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