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Revenant's Hymn

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Asmodeus and his siblings were brought into the world in the middle of the bombing of Berlin, forty years ago. Their master never finished giving them their mission, their direction or their orders; instead, Asmodeus has spent the intervening decades as a restless force of chaos and despair.

Asmodeus's story wraps around other short stories and poems about the dead, undead, and unholy, in Elliott Dunstan's third collection. A teenage girl's near-death experience turns her into a fractured kaleidoscope in 'Bury Your Lovers Bury Your Friends'; a ghost of a former rock star visits a poet in 'The Transient'; a censor tries to keep herself safe in 'Mary Mary Ordinary', and a bricked-up wife fights restlessness and doubt in 'The Dripping Tap'.

Please note that Revenant's Hymn contains adult content. A non-exhaustive list of trigger warnings is as follows: death/grief, dissociation, domestic violence, drug use, dubious consent, graphic depictions of violence, mental illness, Nazism/Holocaust references (offscreen largely), necrophilia, psychosis, sexual assault/abuse, suicide, and other dark/mature topics.
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