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Ain't Misbehavin' - with discretionary tip - for Live Lesson 31st August 22

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These are the worksheets for Matt's live YouTube workshop on the 31st August 2022 at 3:30pm GMT. 

This is one of my favourite workshops to run. We look at voice leading and explore how you can add little chromatic melody runs in pieces to create a beautiful sophisticated sound. These worksheets go into a lot of detail showing all the chords and illustrated diagrams explaining how it works. As well as learning these techniques you'll also learn a great version of Ain't Misbehavin' by Fats Waller.

The live link to the workshop is here:

It can be watched back afterwards as many times as you like.

This option includes a tip for Matt and helps support those that can't afford to pay for the worksheets. Thanks fo your support!
You will get a PDF (6MB) file