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The Community Council

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The Community Council is a collaborative meta-game, designed to catalyze projects and facilitate community weaving. It was prototyped during the Autumn Community Gathering in Pico Island.

The game moves through six rounds:

1. Opening
– mindfully transitioning into the game
2. Calls
- starting projects for the benefit of the community
3. Questions
- accessing collective intelligence
4. Requests
- verbalizing needs
5. Gifts
- giving from the heart
6. Closing
- providing closure to the experience

The rounds are modular – you can pick the ones that make sense for your community.

The game is designed for presential play in a group of 5-15 people, although it can be adapted for a different group size, as well as virtual play.

You can also play it as a reccuring activity, providing a rhythm to your community.

The pdf manual contains 14 pages.

Love and Light ✨

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