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Percentage Knitting Volume 1: Accessories

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The traditional way to learn knitting and crochet in western cultures is essentially to learn how to follow a pattern. We learn the language and skills that allow us to read and execute instructions to reproduce a design to predetermined parameters.

Many knitters will only use the yarn called for in the pattern sample, because the result is predictable. This kind of crafting is great. It allows us to access the creative flair of those in the crafting community with the most heightened sense of color and shape, the sharpest fashion sense, and the most scintillating imaginations. It allows us to reliably reproduce an item.

But it has its limitations.

This ebook aims to take your crafting knowledge to the next level so that you can understand how to adjust existing patterns and to create your own recipe where no pattern meets the brief. The principle is simple and involves 3 basic steps:

1.    learn to take measurements from a body (or get a standard set of measurements where you can’t do this)

2.    add or subtract a percentage from these measurements to make a garment as tight or loose as you want

3.    convert this understanding into a series of instructions for yourself
You will get a PDF (2MB) file

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