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(2022 Edition) Master the Art of Instagram : A Step-by-Step Guide on how to Build, Grow & Monetize your Instagram profile - Instagram Marketing Book

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We see THEM everywhere - celebrities, models, entrepreneurs, brands, influencers, corporate giants - all of them, dominating the world of Instagram with a massive following and great engagement. So, YOU wonder - how did they get there? What’s the “secret” behind their success? Is everything as real and genuine as it appears? Or is it just a facade? What does it take to be like them?

But most importantly - can YOU be like them?

Master the art of Instagram: The Only Instagram Guide You Need will give answers to all of these questions and more. Whether you are a new or an established profile; a brand or personal account, this book is perfect for anyone who is ready to elevate their Instagram presence.

With this book, you will learn how to get REAL and genuine followers. As well as what to do/not to do on Instagram, how to optimize your profile and style your feed, create strategic content, form an engaging audience, utilize the right strategy and earn money from your profile.

You will also learn how some influencers and agencies fake their way to the top and why it is never a good option. Hopefully, the way you determine success will change after reading this book. Because success is not having 2 million followers on Instagram. It is the ability to form and grow an engaging community that supports and vouches for your brand or personal profile.

How will this book help you?

To get a better understanding of what to expect in this book, here is a preview:

Part 1: Build Your Instagram Profile - how to choose the right style & topic for your Instagram; optimize your profile; set the best time & frequency for your posts; convert to a Professional acc.

Part 2: Grow your Instagram Profile - how to grow your profile - 15 (good & bad) ways to grow your Instagram.

Part 3: Utilize the right strategy - how to use strategy to get ahead on Instagram.

Part 4: Monetize your Instagram Profile - how to monetize your profile as a brand; how to monetize your profile as a creator (Influencer).

Plus, at the end of each chapter, you will get BONUS material to help you understand the platform even better!

Master the Art of Instagram (MTAOI): 2021 Edition

About the author:

For over 8 years, I had a dream to write an Instagram book that people can use to learn tips & secrets never told before. I’m happy I didn’t! Because what worked before, doesn’t work now. Instead, I’ve waited until 2018 to release the first edition of MTAOI, when I also started my Social Media career. The book was used mainly as guidance & introduction to Instagram for my clients, who were new to the platform.

Two years later, MTAOI is exactly where I want it to be! It can be used as guidance by brands and creators. It can teach people what matters & how to get there. But most importantly, it is based on my own experience with the platform. Everything I’ve learned over the years, you can too. In less than 220 pages.
You will get a PDF (56MB) file