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The Superhero Division

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When your evil twin is the competition...

Socket, a techno-telepath, is too busy to think about his crush on his best friend, Valor. Murderous robots are invading from another dimension, and he needs to use all his skills to put together a team of superheroes to counter the threat. This doesn't mean he stops thinking about what might have been, especially when his double shows up.

Valor loves being a superhero - he loves the media attention, the way the public adores him. But the fight gets serious when the robot attacks start increasing. Luckily, they have help, another version of Socket from an alternate dimension. To his surprise, he finds himself attracted to this twin of his best friend.

The alternate Socket has his own agenda, one that doesn't involve matchmaking or falling in love. And if he gets his way, everything Socket and Valor worked for will be destroyed.

Content Warning: A character has sexual assault as part of their background. They are also at one point triggered into having a flashback.

You will get a EPUB (379KB) file