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# 8 Captive Heart - A Hawaiian Christmas Novella

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They thought they knew the meaning of sacrifice. But the hardest choice is yet to come.

Honolulu, Christmas 1870 Sugar heiress Leilani Manolo and French wine maker Aristide Laurent defied death and found magnetic attraction during a turbulent San Francisco winter, but accepted a future together wasn’t to be their destiny.

Leilani belongs in Honolulu heading the family business and caring for her dying guardian and Aristide must fulfil his promise as an award-winning vintner for one of California’s rising wine ventures.

But living apart is even harder than resigning themselves to permanent separation.

And when Aristide learns Leilani is being pressured into a ‘dynastic’ marriage with one of the Hawaiian King’s senior advisors, he suspects bad family blood runs deep.

Aristide faces a torturous choice. Reveal the true extent of Lani’s betrayal by someone close and risk life-long rejection, or accept the match and see her lose everything she holds dear.

Captive Heart is the eighth book in the Of Gold & Blood mystery series. Join the growing number of readers who are loving this family saga!
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