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[000e] Tendering Editable/PDF Bundle

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We have put together this bundle so you can get all related documents, and buying them together provides even better value [Over 50% Off], as shown below.

Included - 
  • [026a] 20-Step Tendering Proces Graphic 
  • [026b] 20 Tendering Steps Guideline Document [MS Word]
  • [109] Prequalification of Tenderer Document Template [MS Word]
  • [028a] Tender Interview Agenda Example [PDF]
  • [028b] Tender Interview Question Examples [PDF]
  • [025] CxA Request for Proposal [RFP] Template [MS Word]
  • [027] CxA Scope of Work [SOW] Template [MS Word]
  • [108] Acknowledgment of RFP/RFQ [MS Word]
  • [107] Request For Information [RFI] Template [MS Word]
  • [107] Request For Information [RFI] Tracker/Log [MS Excel]
You will get the following files:
  • PDF (69KB)
  • DOCX (66KB)
  • DOCX (82KB)
  • PDF (201KB)
  • PDF (60KB)
  • PDF (87KB)
  • PDF (117KB)
  • DOCX (93KB)
  • PDF (168KB)
  • DOCX (221KB)
  • DOCX (59KB)
  • XLSX (20KB)
  • XLSX (18KB)
  • DOCX (67KB)

[000b] Commissioning Report BUNDLE [MS Word]


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