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Dogs That Listen Tutorial

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Does your dog ignore you when there are distractions around?? This is the place to be! Get real steps to implement immediately & tips on how to improve their skills in the long run. Find out in this informative tutorial just what needs to be done to get your dog to listen. 

+ introductional video
+ 11 minute step-by-step tutorial video
+ 2 accompanying worksheets to make the most of your new knowledge
+ link to learn more about stress signals (more on why that matters IN the tutorial video)
+ training log to be reused weekly
+ 2 helpful and short PDFs on positive training principles & how to use them

This is what all of my clients learn about in my one-on-one training programs! If you're wondering how helpful or successful you can really be with these tips, just read the reviews for Happy Hounds And Beyond!

There IS an upgrade option to receive one-on-one support from me. Click here to view and purchase the upgraded tutorial.
You will get the following files:
  • MP4 (11MB)
  • MP4 (84MB)
  • PDF (63KB)
  • PDF (29KB)
  • PDF (24KB)
  • PDF (184KB)
  • PDF (196KB)
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