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The Dynamics of Prayer

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Prayer is dynamic. There are branches within the subject of prayer. Explore the genres of prayer with this workbook. In this workbook, you will gain an understanding of the different rules of engagement in prayer. This workbook is packed with practical tools and exercises designed to improve your effectiveness in prayer.

With the help of this workbook, you will be able to dive deeper into what prayer implies and how we can incorporate practices into our lives that will assist us in cultivating a life dedicated to prayer.

In this workbook, you will find a practical guide to the following seven important chapters:

x Legal Fellowship

x Habitual Fellowship

x The genres of prayer

x Importunity

x Praying in Spirit

x Developing in Rank and Stature [Governmental Intercession]

x The art of hearing God

Work through the guide and reflect on the scriptures while completing the exercises.

It is time we rethink prayer!

You will get a PDF (10MB) file