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THE MASTER'S KEY to Unlocking and Mastering Chronic Disease (409 Page ebook)

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Kevin F. Montague, Author, Scholar, Artisan, Scientist & NDEx2

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Kevin F. Montague


Please know, I give a 30 day money back guarantee only on the ebook version of the book, to encourage you to read THE MASTER'S KEY. To date, I have yet to have anyone ask for their money back after reading the entire book. it is that rich in new scientific information you can not find anywhere else, which you can put to use, as you take control of your own healthcare issues related to chronic disease issues.  Since you have come this far, why not make the purchase and decide for yourself. Read the entire ebook! Just press the BUY NOW button to your right or the "Add to Cart" button!

If you desire a hard copy of the book, I’m about to tell you how you can turn your ebook into a hard copy. It is not hard to do!

First know that those of you who wish for a hard copy of the book, please understand that scholars like me are not wealthy or rich, so I can not afford to offer lithographic hard copies of the book. Such production runs are very expensive to do. If it was not for the internet, there would be no way to get this information into your hands. There is 15 long years alone, behind the writing of this book and more in research years. Besides, hard copy books are on the way out, while On-Demand publishing takes the world market by storm with ebook service. proved that when it first introduced Kindle in 2007. It's all part of our instant gratification world we live in these days; to how it all works.

Production-runs for hard copies are very expensive to make happen, when it comes to lithographic printing. Storage fees are expensive too, while waiting for marketing efforts to make sales happen. Traditional marketing costs are very costly as well. Fortunately, I don't have to pay all those costs, because of this method of electronic distribution delivery. I'd like to think we are in a co-op effort to help each other, when it comes to getting the truth known, heard and untilized. I have to meet the costs it took to do the research and in exchange you get the benefits of my 26 years of research work.

BUT here is a solution how to create your own hard copy and it is easy to do. In every city in the United States these days, you’ll find what are called publishing fulfillment houses. Such places are Kinkos, Staples, or Office Depot. Check Google for your area to find other places under “ma and pa” type stores that do this service also if you live in the United States. You can find a local Kinkos just by typing “kinkos location” in your Google Search engine and it will show you a store location closest to you. Feel free to call them to see if they do book binding. They all should.

The most inexpensive way to print your book is to use your own laser printer or visit a friend who has one and bring your ebook file with you. Once you have all the pages printed, go to the publishing fulfillment house. Kinkos will bind your book in vello bind or spiral bind with a clear cover and a vinyl back cover for about $6 these days. I have a Kinkos nearby and that is what they charged me when I wanted my manuscript bound. A ream of paper only costs about $3 or less and for $9 or less, you can create for yourself a hardcopy you can cuddle up with and read.

I have found a price that I think will work well to get the information into the hands of those of you interested in securing your own copy of THE MASTER'S KEY for your own private reading.

The reason why research like this has not been done before now is because of the billions of dollars spent each year on more frivilous works of science research; versus doing something of this magnitude to bring to the public. If you are a Western Medical doctor reading this, your practice will be greatly enhanced by what you learn in this book. This book is for all healthcare people from different backgrounds, as well as the common person, who desire to know real truth, when it comes to the issue of non-environmental and non-congential chronic disease process. Doctors will learn new ideas and techniques they can add to their practice that are all scientifically sound and provable. The average person will learn how to take control of their own healing, no matter how steep the chronic disease process might be to overcome. This is a science health book full of a lot of scientific facts and new connections. It will teach you how to change your vision when it comes to tackling the problem of non-envionmental and non-congenital disease issues. You are about to learn of the CDS/PD Process when you read THE MASTER'S KEY.

Kevin F. Montague
Author, Scholar, Artisan, Scientist & NDEx2


What is your need?

Do you or someone you love struggle with CFS/ME (chronic fatigue syndrome), Fibromyalgia, Fibromyositis, brain fog, constant forgetfulness, dementia, uncontrollable anger and frustration, one moment very angry and the next very calm (bi-polar); hormone imbalances, mood swings, chronic thrush, eczema, arthritis, COPD, Candidas Albicans, GItract dysbiosis, hemorrhoids, fungus of the blood, chronic anemic blood, adulterated blood, Crohn’s disease, liver disease, kidney disease, pancreatic disease (ie; diabetes), heart disease, strokes, blood clots, arterial sclerosis, multiple sclerosis, neuropathy, arthritis, bursitis, Rosacea, Celiac disease and the big one…….CANCER! If you are having these and other problems, you are dying! No joke! And you are dying faster than the rest of us. Want to know how to clear these problems from your own body?

Hear a one hour Youtube presentation that will give you food for thought to the state our medical system is in globally.

Let's Talk Chronic Disease

Let's talk about the reality of the world.

Why do western doctors not check the blood using live cell blood exams these days? Why do they only rely on the old conventional serum blood exams when checking for chronic disease issues in the body? Don’t they see there is a difference between getting a chemical profile on the blood; versus checking its functionality, while it is alive? No they do not. They are not taught it in medical school.

Learn cutting edge answers through this wonderful new eBook
titled THE MASTER'S KEY TO UNLOCKING AND MASTERING CHRONIC DISEASE. This is an expanded edition of Mr. Montague’s original work titled CHRONIC DISEASE SYNDROME/PREMATURE DECOMPOSITION PROCESS:CDS/PD PROCESS. The CDS/PD Process book only has about 143 pages and as such sells for less. Keep in mind you are not paying for the book itself persay, but the years of reserach it took to find the answers being offered in both ebooks. To try and do this yourself, it might easily cost you $2.3 million in research costs, to find the answers....that is if you know what to search out and how to put the connections together. Billions are spent on research all around the world and frivilously spent with no intention of ever finding the answers you need to get your body well, short of drugs and surgery by Western medicine. In truth, Western medical doctors do not want cures for the diseases I just named above. There simply is no money in the cures and if they did get all of you well, they also know they would all go out of business in the bargain. Our world has many profound evils. Try not to get caught in the cracks of the system, because they will kill you if you do. The first right thing to do is to buy THE MASTER'S KEY and learn the real science you are not being told, so you can take control of your own health and really change your biological terrain, like Mr. Montague had to do when he was so close to death and finally did experience again at age 44. His first full NDE was at age 25.

Brace yourself for an additional 268 pages, through 20 years of private research done by author, Kevin F. Montague, who is a California State Scholar, Artisan and Scientist at age 62. Mr. Montague dreamed of doing such a work as this, when he was in one of his 7th grade science classes, but he never dreamed the Universe would send him through a hellish and horrendous path to learn the answers he has learned. He not only saved his life, when his western medical doctors told him to go home and die, but he has been saving the lives of others, who buy his new book he has titled THE MASTER'S KEY.

This new eBook is cutting edge science, written in a personable manner, revealing how CFS and Fibromyalgia are created in the body, along with so many other non-congenital chronic disease issues. The connections are many and they are amazingly new! Learn about the adulteration of the body and what Western medicine failed to pursue in the past 80 years, since the FDA was created in the United States in 1938 by President Theodore Roosevelt. Learn how it all ties in with cancer, diabetes, heart disease and so much more. Most importantly, learn how the mechanism of it all works! No other heath science book presents so much in 411 pages on the planet right now!

There is a reason why researchers like Mr. Montague can not just bring his discoveries to the FDA. Did you know that Otto Warburg, who received two Nobel prizes for his work on cancer research, was banned from coming into the United States, while being told he was bad for business with his cures or answers to cancer? Warburg knew the key to it all lied in understanding the cell membrane and not the inside of the cell itself. He focused on what he termed “cell respiration” or the breathing in and out of materials through the cell membrane. When the cell membrane fails, that is when trouble really gets going and you’ll see it all as you read THE MASTER’S KEY.

Even when ozone therapies appeared in the Americas and ozone bars were in vogue back in the 1980's, they were being shut down left and right, because such therapies actually do work to clear diseases, even as severe as cancer, from your body. When those, who were documenting ozone therapies, brought their info to the FDA, their records were taken from them by the FDA and they were silenced in America. It is still going on right now.

This eBook is not about ozone therapies, as the sole way of getting your body well. In fact, Mr. Montague doesn’t focus on any one alternative, but shows you how integrative medicine works and why it does. You view live cell blood exams and documented case studies, which prove to you what you can do to save your own life, if you will put forth the real effort to turn it all around, using correct knowledge. Just don't have a death wish and get started NOW! Now is the time to buy this wonderful health science book!

Keep in mind; a western medical doctor would lose his or her paycheck, if they ever got you "cured" or well; when it comes to chronic disease issues. The way the system makes sure they get paid is through insurance plans, as well as taxes paid to the governments to fund research, while never finding real cures. If you are an American living in the United States, this is why Obama-care has mandated mandatory payment for medical insurance to be carried by each individual to gain medical treatments these days which is carried out to the present in the United States. If you don't pay for your own health insurance, they make you pay with a tax penalty when you file for your taxes in the United States these days; regardless. What is the U.S. government saying? They are saying "We are tapped out and you, if you are a citizen, are responsible for your own health care!" Mr. Montague learned all of this the hard way starting some 23 years ago when his Western medical doctors failed him and gave up on him, sending him home to die. His doctors final words were; "There is nothing more Western medicine can do for you".

You are responsible for you in the end and no one else is responsible. When has that ever been different in man's history? You have to look out for number one at all times and not just trust a doctor to fully give you the facts. The war that is going on in the health care system has a lot to do with the money, not the need for the truth. This is not to say there are not good hearted physicians in the world, but you have to understand that medicine is a business, not a charity. The science of laws behind your body is extensive and so you do need healthcare practitioners, who are skilled and learned in their profession, to guide your path correctly and it doesn't have to all be focused on western medicine for the answers: Far from it these days. All the answers have NEVER been with western medicine anyway; where lives have been saved, especially when it comes to the issues of chronic disease. Just look at the kids coming out of St. Judes Hospital or the Shriner’s in Los Angeles. More and more of them are losing their arms, legs and other body parts to surgery; simply because the western doctor’s know no way to stop the disease process going on inside the organ or limb, so they remove it if it is an issue of cancer. That is their idea of therapy in the end, especially when it comes to cancer. This nonsense has been going on for more than the past 50 years, which you can see through their television commerials. To the present day, they have made no changes to their approach to dealing with cancer, while learning nothing new, as they keep butchering our children with useless surgeries.

Yet did you know that Stephan D. Smith was a noted researcher who was re-growing the limbs of salamanders using a form of light therapy delivery, to encourage the limbs to regenerate? So why do our kids have to lose their body parts in this day and age? Why should you for that matter? The body has the power to regenerate all its limbs and organs. It has always had that ability written in the DNA code. To know this is to ask the question; "Why is there is no funding going on to encourage these approaches?" or better still, clear the cancer without the human being losing their limbs or organs in the bargain?

Except for antibiotics, drugs rarely, if ever, heal anyone of anything. The word "drug" means "to suppress" or "cover up" or "to mask". The word “Pharmacia” from the Greek means "a form of sorcery". Look it up on the Internet, if you don't believe me. So the suppression of symptoms is really considered a “form of sorcery” from the word where we get the word pharmaceutical from.

late 14c., "a medicine," from Old French farmacie "a purgative" (13c.), from Medieval Latin pharmacia, from Greek pharmakeia "use of drugs, medicines, potions, or spells; poisoning, witchcraft; remedy, cure," from pharmakeus (fem. pharmakis) "preparer of drugs, poisoner, sorcerer" from pharmakon "drug, poison, philter, ...

Note the words....potions?...spells?....witchcraft?....

There are books that translate these words even more definitively and "sorcery" is the main word behind the word "drugs".

The payment system of western medicine is done this way, because most therapies fail over time, which western medicine offers. Just watch all the commercials on the free airwave channels in America, as you see lawsuit after lawsuit being made against Western medicine. After 50 years, synthetic medicine is finally showing its true colors, as it fails left and right. Most patients would not pay, if they knew they were going to get these kind of results: If people only knew the failure rate of Western medicine. As one medical doctor put it to Mr. Montague at age 25, decades ago, "You don't want to stay in a hospital, because people come to hospitals only to die". Mr. Montague was shocked when he heard the doctor say this. Mr. Montague responded by saying, "I thought doctor, that people come to hospitals to get well?" The doctor just shook his head at Mr. Montague’s ignorance. That doctor he knew died a few months later, before age 55. Mr. Montague has even out lived him, while having fought through incredible odds and is now age 62, as of 2018, when being given a death sentence back in 1997 by his western medical doctors.

Makes you wonder what he learned, which not only saved his life from a catastrophic disease scenario, which started 23 years ago, after ingesting contaminated sausage one morning, but why he lived past the age of most western doctors, who die before age 55, even when his primary care physician told him to go home and die, come December 16 of 1994?

You are forced to sign a contract with your western doctor to make sure he or she gets paid, regardless of the results you may or may not get. You would think they would get paid, only if you get fully well, but the world health system does not work that way. This is why they are called "practicing physicians". You pay them whether they get it right or not. There are things western doctors know that work. But the ones who know what works in the holistic and alternatives field have remained silent, simply because they are not supported by the system yet or recognized for what they have to offer, even if insurance would cover such treatments. This was true of chiropractors some 35 years ago, which are now covered by most insurance policies these days. See what happens over time? But if you are chronically sick, can you afford to wait for the world to catch up with your condition? So, if you are not wealthy or can no longer work, you can’t afford to pay for the real help you need, especially if you have learned the truth too late in the game. It is a game you are stuck in; whether you want to play it or not, while you are dying. If you don't see this truth so as to take charge of your own health, then you stand to get caught in the cracks of a system that has a profound evil side to it. Mr. Montague talks about this, as well, in his new eBook THE MASTER’S KEY TO UNLOCKING AND MASTERING CHRONIC DISEASE.

Unlike Kevin Trudeau's book "Natural Cures They Don't Want You To Know About", Mr. Montague delves heavily into the medical science side of all of this, NOT so much the political side. He also talks about the politics along the way, but he brings together many forgotten researchers over the past 30 to 100 or more years, who did amazing work in the field of the alternatives, which the World Health Organization systems love to ignore or suppress. He’s done a lot of the work for you to get you on the right pathway of thinking, as you read his eBooks. If he can at least get your thinking to change the way to how you look at today's health sciences, when it comes to assisting the body to heal itself; with proof and facts, then you have half the battle won; without having to guess what has happened to your body, if you are chronically sick and dying slowly from your chronic disease issues.

You'll learn from Mr. Montague's research that there is a universal key, a backdoor way out of all chronic disease issues that are non-congenital and non-evironmental, which not only opens a new doorway into new technologies of the future, but will help you to understand more correctly how to orchestrate the holistic and alternative sciences to reach a specific goal he defines in his new eBook, not found covered in any other health science book on planet Earth. This is cutting edge understanding, as Mr. Montague works to make sense of the divine order of the creation through man's medical sciences.

There is so much in the world that really does work, if you'll get away from the western medical mind trap and their way of thinking. Some of what they do can save lives, which involves mostly trauma and congenital issues; as well as environmental disease issues through the use of antibiotics. However, their vision of medicine dates back to World War I and II mentality....drugs and surgery. This is needed in crisis care situations where trauma and congenital issues are involved. But when it comes to the issues of chronic disease, western medicine is as clueless as the day is long in how to clear the body of even the most deadly diseases, such as cancer, short of drugging you and cutting your body up, until they finally kill you. That is their idea of a "therapy" or "treatment". Don't you want to know what cancer really is, what turns the switch “on” in your body, regardless of your age, and how to throw the switch into the "off position" again, so as to shut down even your cancer? Haven't you noticed that kids get cancer just as much as the aged do and every age in between? Since cancer knows no age barriers, it might suggest that it is not an abnormal disease process, but is being triggered by a series of other mechanisms in the body never before understood, until now: All of it being a natural process and not a disease process. This eBook will reveal to you how it works and a lot more!

Mr. Montague simply was thrown into the world battle, back in 1994 with his own body, but because his background is heavy in the arts and sciences, he found the answers on his own, when his primary care physician told him to go home and die on December 16, 1997; after being under his primary physician’s care for 3 years.

Mr. Montague is not being funded by any corporation, foundation or government grant. Mr. Montague started his 60th year in 2015 and celebrated his 60th birthday in 2016. He has survived the impossible to date, with no retirement money, while being heavily in debt, while all his money was used up to walk an incredible true to life story. Such is his devotion to you, his reader and student, when you read his work. He also was not expecting this in his life either, but was given the chance to fight and to his own surprise, walked a researchers dream come true! He has also had two full death experiences at age 25 and age 44. He has seen what is on the other side of this life. He was sent back at age 44 from heaven to complete the work on the new book and he wants to write a lot more for all of you.

Research can NOT be rushed and he had to do his R&D with his own body that was under severe chronic fatigue all the time, something his western medical doctors could not even understand or explain, until he started to show them the evidence of his own work. Later on, he worked to raise up documented case studies to show the universal absolute about a process he has named the CDS/PD Process. Things like CFS and Fibromyalgia were new words back in the 1990's, but not the word “cancer”, which happened when his body started to form surface tumors in the facia areas of his muscles, which crippled him and made him bedridden for many years in great pain 24/7. He was able to turn the process off, before he was starting to be covered in tumors, but he could not save his golden retriever in time, who had eaten the same bad meat he had eaten that started the whole process in both his body and that of his retriever. The bad sausage started the entire process in her body as well. His poor golden retriever had to be put down eventually, while covered in surface tumors. This wonderful retriever belonged to his late father who had died recently, so it was like burying the last of his father when the dog died. He loved both his father and the dog his father left behind for him watch over. For seven years he watched over his retriever and learned volumes of information to how cancer works. He later used this knowledge on one of his dying aloe vera plants which had been reduced to a very small size. He then applied the same knowledge he used on his body to restore the plant to its full 3 foot size. The reasoning he used is revealed in THE MASTER'S KEY.

The bad meat became a starting ground to reveal something deeper no one has made sense of in the past 80 years, since the FDA was formed in 1938 under the Presidency of Theodore Roosevelt. This process, he has discovered and identified, which he calls the CDS/PD Process, would have been revealed sooner in man’s history, he feels, if man had not focused solely on drugs and surgery, since the days of Dr. Paul Ehrlich, to the present day. It was no walk in the park for him to come this far. All the more reason he is offering a 30 day money back guarantee to encourage you to give his knowledge a chance to be heard if you read his new eBook, which took 15 years to write. So far to date, no one who has read the book, has wanted their money back, after buying the book! If anything, most seek Mr. Montague out to learn more after they read THE MASTER'S KEY.

When you buy one of his eBooks, you will be on his customer email list through There is much you can do to save your own life, even when your own western medical doctors tell you they are lost and can not help you further. You just need the correct knowledge and absolute truths about the creation and its laws to get you on the right pathway that leads to restored life.

This eBook gets you started in a big way. Just press the PREVIEW button at the top of the page and you'll get to read the section of the eBook titled "The Purpose of this Book" to help introduce you to what this eBook is going to do to educate you correctly. It all starts with a change of vision of your current understanding of what defines chronic disease in all organic life, using man's science to prove it all to you. Causes from environmental issues are one thing, but there is yet another series of mechanisms that create an incredible scenario Mr. Montague has named the CDS/PD Process, which changes the state of the body into the death processes, which western doctors use their Latin based names to define.

If your doctors have given up on your chronic disease problems, you need to buy and read this eBook! Even if you are fighting diseases as serious as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, Crohn's disease, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), Fibromyositis (chronic pain) and Fibromyalgia (also chronic pain), Fungus of the blood, Brain fog symptoms, an acidic body (ascities), Helminthes (parasitic worms),  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Candidas, liver and pancreatic disease, toxemia, IBS, hemorrhoids, myofacia tumors and trigger points, arthritis, Celiac disease, , as well as many other break down issues in the body, YOU NEED WHAT THIS EBOOK WILL TEACH YOU!

You'll not only learn how the chronic disease process itself works, but you'll learn how to start using the right things that will get your body well!

You’ll also learn the big one; but know that CANCER is not a disease, but a natural process in the body that is switched on when certain conditions are met. This is why anyone can contract cancer at any time in their life when you understand this absolute truth and how these laws work in organic life. There will never be a medical cure for cancer, because it is not a disease. It is a natural process!

Prepare yourself for a change of vision, as you go into your body to see things your western doctors are ignorant of...knowledge that is starting to blossom in the scientific community; thanks to the work of men like Mr. Montague, Dr. Santee and Dr. Young. Both Dr. Santee and Dr. Young work out of the Caribbean these days. The politics of the day is preventing knowledge like this from getting out and reaching YOU.

You'll start to learn how all the healing arts come together. You'll see how to better orchestrate them, to get REAL results for your chronic health issues.

This is an amazing eBook with real knowledge and truth that will work for you, once you grasp the vision of how your body really works! You will not be saying “Oh this works for me” to your friends, only to find out it won’t work for them, while someone else says “Oh that didn’t work for me, but this did.”. You see, there are universal absolute laws defining the creation and man’s science was created to search out those divine laws and properly reveal them. You are sick, because you broke those laws. Mr. Montague will help you to better understand those laws and how to realign your body with those laws and help your body back into its proper working order, so you get well or at the very least enjoy greatly improved health over the time you will need to invest to save your own life. Your success depends how far deep into the CDS/PD Process you are when you get started; in which Mr. Montague talks about and how aggressive you can be with what you will need to use to save your own life. There is a point of no return with all chronic disease problems however, when it comes to death, dying and a living decomposition death sentence, but Mr. Montague took his body from the point of death at age 44, to regain his life again, proving how well the human spirit can prevail, when the right understanding of divine law is implemented through man’s sciences. More than that, he documented his journey to death, along the way, so you can see that nothing he talks about is anecdotal, even with his documented case studies.

It all has to do with changing your biological terrain! But how do you do that???

Drugs don't change the biological terrain, except to make it more toxic. Surgery only kills more of the body. Neither drug nor surgery encourages the body to rebuild its own health, which it is programmed to do when properly helped. This was proven in the work of Stephan D. Smith, who was able to re-grow body parts on salamanders using a very interesting approach that increases the light load of the body. So how do you properly help your own body regenerate itself, when your doctor keeps giving you the run around and no real results?

Provided are several documented case studies in this ebook, so you can see that the conditions, which create chronic disease, are the same in each body and the results to free the body are repeatable. You may think your body is different from everyone else's, but the truth is, we are all universally the same… organically. The laws governing the body are the same in each body in other words. If this were not true, then how could blood transfusions, of the same blood type, work all the time? How could the same antibiotic, used to kill an environmental pathogen, kill it all the time, unless the laws were the same in each body? Give that some thought next time someone says; "Well such and such treatment worked for me?", but did it work in all cases? This is why Western medicine won't listen to the other health sciences. They too see universal law when they do a blood transfusion or use the same antibiotic to kill an environmental pathogen that has entered into the body.

However, in the presence of chronic disease, the body goes into different states, as it degenerates and breaks down. Western doctors, unfortunately, do not think like physicists or engineers do, when they look at an organic body. If they did, they would not need so many of their modern day diagnostic toys to diagnose a body, because they could then tell the inside state of the body by looking at the outside state it is in. This is old eclectic thinking, but very current with today's science when you know all that Mr. Montague knows.

Meeting Mr. Montague is interesting, because while you are talking to him, he is analyzing the entire state of your body by looking at your outside condition. Even when you are talking, he is looking at the condition of your tongue, your teeth, your gums, your eyes, the pallor of your flesh, the state your hair is in, if it is not dyed, no matter how much you cover it up and so much more. By the time you are done talking to him, he already has blueprinted you in his mind to the full state your body is in and can tell you things going wrong with it, when you are done talking to him; just by looking at the state your body is in. If he asks you for more information, he only then puts it all into the working model of truths he carries in his head to get a full diagnosis of what is going on with your body: All doctors’ need to learn from him.

There are absolute laws to the Universe that define life. Once you better understand them, you can take control of your health care. It's all programming in the end and Mr. Montague has a unique view of how he sees the Creator, because of two full death experiences he had at age 25 and age 44. He’ll tell you there is no NDE in the term "Near Death Experience". You are dead OR you have fully left your body, leaving it running, even if it is on an operating table, so as to reconnect with the true reality you are a part of at all times, versus what your animated body is all about. The whole thing is real when you step out of your body, he will tell you and he does a far better job describing the big picture to what and who God is all about in THE MASTER’S KEY, than anyone on the planet right now. The book is worth buying; given what he reveals of the larger picture he saw in death and how that reduces down to the cellular level of existence.

Western medicine only offers tools of death: Antibiotics, drugs and surgery. The word “antibiotic” literally means “anti-life” or “against life”. While western medicine is needed when it comes to trauma (crisis care) or congenital defects, their art and science is as ignorant as the day is long, when it comes to chronic disease issues of the body, especially cancer. The vision to how western medicine sees disease needs to change dramatically, even though their use of antibiotics can help save lives from environmental pathogenic disease issues. Even cancer is not a disease, once you see its true purpose, when it is created by your body. Learn why by reading THE MASTER’S KEY.

There is so much more that is in the holistic sciences that will bring life to your body over time, if you are willing to learn anew and put all your prejudices aside. You'll need to un-learn what the past 80 years has taught the world. The world's advanced societies’ viewpoint, favors solely from the western medical point of view these days. But even Chiropractors were thought to be “quacks” 37 years ago and now are covered under most medical insurance policies. It just takes time for the system to catch up with new approaches and discoveries, once they are introduced into the free market places of the world. This eBook will help you see how the synthetic sciences will eventually merge with holistic thinking, which must happen, if the new technologies talked about in Mr. Montague’s new eBook THE MASTER’S KEY, are to become a reality one day.

Understand your body is a living water system with amazing abilities you will learn about in this eBook. With this knowledge, you won't look at the medical alternatives in the same light ever again. You'll learn they really do work, if you know what you are doing and what chronic disease is all about.

Mr. Montague encourages the reader to share the knowledge in his ebooks with their western medical health care practitioner or any other health practitioner, as a point of inspiration and fresh new ideas. If you are a western medical doctor, who is open to the field of alternatives and holistic approaches, versus the current status quo of just drugs and surgery, Mr. Montague would like you to take what he is presenting very seriously, because this knowledge saved his life in the end and is saving the lives of others he has worked with over the years.

You can hear George Noory interview Mr. Montague on Coast to Coast AM, first on November 19, 2019, then again on April 5th, 2020 as he tells about his two NDE experiences and how those experiences walked him into writing THE MASTER'S KEY TO UNLOCKING AND MASTERING CHRONIC DISEASE.


It all starts with a change of vision!


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