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Jennifer Elizebath Masters Program "GO FROM FEAR TO FEARLESS!"
You receive 9 life changing audios.
LIVE YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF and take back YOUR POWERS, Innate Gifts and Abilities… Let your PURE DIVINITY express itself as YOU!!
It’s time to leap ahead.
Every day is a gift. When we focus on fear we don't appreciate all that we have. Our inner state is what creates our joy. Happiness Jump start shifts your perspective to find happiness and joy every day. Deeply trapped emotions are cleared. You'll find ways to change your perspective from fear to joy. Each audio lifts you to another level eliminating those blocks and beliefs that don't serve you. This three-part course reminds you of all the steps to staying in a state of joy and happiness and eliminates the blocks that prevent it.
This Package is for You!
When You Are Ready to Go FROM FEAR TO FEARLESS!
*Happiness Jump start Part 1-Programing Your Mind for Happiness
Happiness Jump start shifts your perspective to find happiness and joy every day.
*Happiness Jump start Part 2-The Silver Lining
Our mind offers us neuroplasticity. We have the power to change our mind (mental state) when we do, our health and relationships improve and joy begins to bubble up from nowhere (causeless joy). This audio lifts you into a positive state clearing the beliefs and emotions that are standing in the way of your joy.
*Happiness Jump start Part 3-Living in the state of Flow
The third part of this series lifts you into a state of flow where miracles happen and we are connected deeply to the universal mind. Freedom of the mind is the power of this audio.
*Transmuting Fears, Worry and Anxiety
Listen to this audio before sleep or anytime worry and fear build in your mind. This audio allows you to release the tension and stress held in the body so you can rest or perform at your best every day. You'll feel safe, protected, lifted, loved. calmer and positive in less than ten minutes.
*Depression Level 1-Releasing Anger and Resentment
Unprocessed emotions create depression. This gentle audio lifts your spirits allowing you to feel lighter, more positive, and motivated. Emotions that create depression clear while you listen and rest. You'll find yourself finding your passion and joy again for life. Calming, restorative.
*Depression Level 2-Releasing Dark thoughts
This deep and powerful audio is for those with dark thoughts, suicidal ideation, and fears from the Akashic Records from the cellular memory. Even thoughts of dying or death and are lifted. Deep depression sets in when we continue to feel helpless and hopeless filled with despair. You'll feel empowered while emotions of blame, resentment, fear, rage, anger, aggression, humiliation, despair, and helplessness are eliminated
*Releasing Anger and Rage
Using Isochronic tones and Binaural Beats this audio clears anger from a deep cellular level leaving you feeling restored, refreshed and renewed. A gentle rain falling in the background washes anger away while you rest and relax.
Anger and rage can cause cardiovascular disease, sinus infections, bladder infections, high blood pressure, and even cancer. It is paramount that we release anger from past abuse, trauma and challenges for us to have optimum health and vitality. 
*Releasing Trauma-Instrumental with Isochronic Tones and Binaural Beats and PTSD  60 minutes
Isochronic tones and binaural beats frequency go into the cellular memory and alleviate the effects of trauma which provides you with happy feelings, a sense of security and well-being. Frequency 174 Hz helps to give you a sense of security, love and also well known for pain relief. This is an instrumental music audio (without voice over). You can relax and fall asleep or use during a meditation for deep inner peace.
*Farewell to Regret Deep Healing Meditation
Release Anxiety, Fear, Guilt, Shame and Regret. These negative emotions get trapped in our cells and begin causing illness in the body.
This track helps You to release trapped emotions and begin to Love Yourself Unconditionally.
Your overall Health improves! Your Life Improves!
Use this audio anytime You want to Release Stress. Great for Deep Healing, Meditation, Relaxation, Insomnia.
Helps eliminate Negative Vibrations! Which in turn Restores Your Natural Joyful State of Being

You will get the following files:

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  • MP3 (21MB)
  • MP3 (13MB)
  • WAV (202MB)
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