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Seyamon *Med* SLWC and Britney SLWC (Term) Cast Beautification in the Park & Public Gimping (HD 1920X1080)

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Seyamon was already a cast model of ours when she called to tell us that she had broken her leg in class showing off a Thai Kick Boxing move (she is also skilled in Thai Massage BTW). At the same time, we were doing a series with Britney term casted in recreational cast -- so we hooked them up ad did a few shoots with both. In this clip they are taking a gimp pn a beautiful sunny day in the park when they come upon a bench to rest and where Seyamon can decorate Britney's cast. She is joined by Britney's real stepsister who brings more markers, and they go to town on Britney's plaster cast (with closeups). When her cast is adequately pretty enough the two casted girls gimp off with the third for some publicing to show off their casts.

LENGTH: 13 minutes
SIZE: 1026 MB
RESOLUTION: 1920x1080
UPDATE: 11/21/21
You will get a MP4 (1GB) file

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