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Who Told You That? Your Identity--the Key to Destiny

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Are your relationships suffering or non-existent? Do you seem to attract those who cannot give you what you need or want?  And, do you wonder if you will ever have loving, meaningful relationships?

Have you ever thought about doing something in your life that would fulfill a dream or vision that’s been with you for a long time? Or have you settled for what you’re doing right now because (fill in the blank).


What do you believe about yourself, your worth, your ability to establish healthy and peaceful relationships with others and live the desires of your heart?


Your beliefs can keep you from experiencing the life you want. They can keep you stuck in toxic or unhealthy relationships and situations, unable to take back your life for the plans that God has for you.


When you get free from the lies you have believed and see yourself as God sees you, the world will open up to possibilities you cannot even imagine.

Begin today in an audio session with a Christ-based perspective about how your beliefs have blocked you from living free in who God created you to be and how to be set free.

In this 20-minute recording you will find out:

  • Where your false beliefs originated.
  • Why they impact every decision you make about your life.
  • How you can overcome the fear, doubts, negative self-talk, outside validation, and live from your true self.
  • What the truth— what God says about you—will do to set you free!

You can take back your life for the one God created you for—authentically, powerfully, and confidently.


You will receive a 20-minute, downloadable audio mp3 and a handout that you can fill in while listening.

BONUS!  Receive a 9-minute downloadable guided meditation you can use to start your day or anytime you need to feel refreshed and relaxed.
You will get the following files:
  • MP3 (11MB)
  • PDF (553KB)
  • MP3 (5MB)
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