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Amanda Rodriguez vs Allie Parker

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schooling The Rookie! (RING PRO-STYLE; compress; KO ENDING) WMW newbie Amanda Rodriguez learns the hard way to not cross Allie Parker in “Schooling The Rookie”, getting absolutely destroyed, and eventually knocked out by her. She didn't think that highly of Allie prior to their encounter, but she will surely have to after! When she wakes up from her **** that is! Initially, Allie is pretty happy to be working with Amanda actually. She even extends a friendly handshake to her. Amanda however....doesn't reciprocate! She knows ALL about Allie's reputation, and she is FAR from impressed! Perplexed, Allie asks her what she is talking about. What she finds out is, apparently to others she is a TERRIBLE wrestler! This Allie has actually heard, but she doesn't let negative comments like that bother her. In fact, she's kinda surprised Amanda would. Completely unphased, the young wrestler proceeds to run off a list of names that she has heard this from. All Allie can do at this is scoff, she doesn't even know some of these women, namely a woman named Cheyenne. Amanda has an answer for that too though, claiming that she wrestled Allie 10 years ago, and found her totally AWFUL. She goes on to say the two are tight, so she's a lot more willing to take her word over Allie's. Allie has heard enough Crud by this point, and decides it's time for action! She craftily goads the new girl into turning her back on her, a rookie mistake if there ever was one, and as soon as she does, she attacks her from behind with a forearm to the back! Once she has the advantage, the “awful” wrestler quickly gets Amanda down and in the ropes, where she puts her in a surfboard. Amanda is in a lot of pain, is realizing she may have bit off a bit more than she could chew here already as Allie taunts her. Too late for that now though! Following the surfboard, Allie sends Amanda head first into the corner, and after putting her there, stretches her again, this time from the front side, pulling on her arms ****. A few forearms to the head are delivered afterward, before a stomp to the mid-section sends Amanda to the canvas. Amanda can do little more than clutch herself in agony, knowing innately the trouble she is in! Her trouble is really only just beginning however, as Allie continues her merciless attacking, grabbing her right leg and pulling on it through the ropes. She's not satisfied with just doing that though, dragging her to the center of the ring and targeting it further with an elbow drop into it. She goes for a cover afterward, but Amanda sheer instinct manages to kick out at 2. That's ok by Allie though, she just gets to inflict more pain on her! She does as much by delivering a diving headbutt into her crotch, followed by slamming her hurt leg to the mat, and renewing her assault on it by driving the point of her elbow into it. Her leg punishment doesn't end there either, as next she takes her left leg and locks in a half crab. Amanda is Yelping from hurting so bad! She somehow doesn't tap, but she is wishing she never stepped foot in this ring today surely right now! This is no more illustrated, as when she tries to escape after the half crab is let off, clutching her leg. Allie refuses to let her get away though, tormenting her worse really for trying to by taking her left leg she was just going after, and pulling it through the ropes, as that is where Amanda's crawling left her. She tires of this after a short time though, and opts to pull her back in the middle of the ring. The ropes are too good for Amanda anyway! Having her back away from them, Allie puts on a bodyscissor, one that is supplemented by a full nelson at first shaking her like a ragdoll in it, and then soon after that, a shoulder stretch. Not getting a tap from this position however, she switches gears from that attack into a straight headscissor instead. She starts it from the side while still wrenching on her arm and shoulder, and then transitions into just a traditional version. Amanda sputters badly here, hardly able to breathe at all as Allie **** her! She could KO her here if she chose, but unfortunately for her, Allie is not finished with her by a long shot! The determined to prove a point woman, goes back to a full nelson, only this time using her legs, and then tries again for a pin with the help of her bodyscissors. Repeated attempts fail however, Amanda incredibly finding ways to kick out time and again to Allie's dismay. Frustrated by her toughness, Allie stretches her out with another surfboard, wanting to REALLY hurt her now! After letting go of that, she kicks Amanda hard in the small of her back, before grabbing her as she tries to escape futilely again and riding her cowgirl style. Another pin attempt follows that, but as she is mere posing over her with one foot, Amanda is able to kick out fairly easily. Allie is Encouraged to admit that even though she is kicking the hell out of her, she does have a lot of fight in her, something she likes. She is a bit irritated at it though that said, but that's fine, just means she has to pull more tricks out of her bag! Her first such trick, is a third surfboard, this time a side version. She tries once more for a pin after it, but Amanda again kicks out, not ready to quit just yet. Starting to get incensed that she can't put her away no matter how hard she tries, Allie irish whips her into the corner, and then flies into her with a running body splash while proclaiming “I don't suck!” Several stomps to the mid-section come immediately after the splash, Allie beginning to go in for the dispose it would seem. She's about done toying with poor Amanda! Having Amanda back down on the mat from the stomps, Allie returns to the earlier leg attacks, driving an elbow into her right leg again and locking it up, and adding a new wrinkle to her attack this time by pulling the begging off rookie's arm through the ropes in addition to that. Allie is flat pissed here! To prove that, her next move is perhaps her most vicious yet, as she takes Amanda's hair and pulls it through the ropes! Amanda Yelps Bl**d* dispose at this new assault, her hair practically being torn by its' roots by the vindictive Allie! But even after THAT, even as Amanda says she is done, Allie is STILL not finished with her! She has just a little bit more left in store for her! Allie pushes the exhausted and sore girl back into the corner, stretching her arms again from that spot, yelling at her the entire time for trying to call the shots here, and then she pulls her back into center ring for a variation of a camel clutch. This is her attempt to “make her humble”, although I think she succeeded at that long ago personally! Finally, after that, Allie finishes off the thoroughly beaten and humiliated Amanda, **** her out with what she calls her special move, sitting atop her with her thighs on her neck. Once she's fully ko'd (which doesn't take long at all given she was all but finished even before this), Allie stands over her gloating and basking in her win. She may be still a “bad” wrestler to some, but on this day, she's a victorious bad wrestler! This is your classic veteran vs. rookie compress match right here! Allie tears apart Amanda from the very start of things in this one! Those who like old school wrestling beatdowns should enjoy this match! 1o minutes
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