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Strangers In Another Country

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A collection of four stories set in London and Stockholm in the late 1960s, the main characters face social, economic, and existential problems.

David frets about discrimination in the workplace but is rude and vain during a dispute with his girlfriend, Betty. As a reviewer expressed it: "At first, Betty rescues the black puppy. But, as it turns out, the black puppy rescues Betty."

Charlie is a poet suffering from the blues and disillusioned with life. By chance, Charlie meets a new male friend who promises to set him up with a date. 

Binky has romantic notions of women and love from Hollywood movies and some Shakespeare sonnets. Unemployed and only arrived in England a few months, he borrows money to venture on holiday to breathe life into a half-baked romance for which he has high hopes despite his common sense. 

Then finally, there is Moby, an outsider struggling to come to grips with himself and others. His faith in black solidarity comes to a test when he runs into a black male American who needs somewhere to pass a few days. 

These main characters are migrants from the English-speaking Caribbean, and themes include unattainable dreams, loneliness, alienation, disappointment and insufficient black solidarity. There is some humour to alleviate the frustration and pain in these stories. 

The question is whether this handful of fringe figures can find a better life in a predominantly European environment.
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