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Rogue eBook (Rogue Robot Book 1)

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Rogue eBook (Rogue Robot – Book 1)

The children were special…
…and that made them a threat.
Would one robot be able to keep them safe?
Alex is the oldest, he’s 17. Honora is 15 and her sister Talia is 12. They all have ancient powers, and the galactic empire knows they’re a threat. Some believe they could turn the tide for the rebels who fight for freedom. There’s just one problem…
…they must get to the planet Zaradorba.
Aboard the ship Alyssia, they’ve got range and some fighting muscle, but it won’t be easy. Their hunters have unlimited resources. Can Gabe, the robot built to deliver them safely, find the help they need?
They’ve got a long way to go.
Can the children’s powers help?
Will they learn to use them in time?
You’ll love the characters in this sci-fi robot adventure story, because everyone likes a rebel, an underdog, and a rogue robot with heart fighting against evil.

This series should be read in order for best enjoyment.

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Rogue Robot - Reading Order: 
Book 1: Rogue
Book 2: Cybs
Book 3: Justice
Book 4: Harmonix
Book 5: Trinity
Book 6: Coda

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