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When a struggling single father finds himself suddenly playing a sultry singing Santa, would an old flame and a Christmas wish make things right?

Dillon’s dreams of making it big on the country music scene shatter to pieces, but he receives no sympathy from his brother. Instead, Charles sends him on a mission to deliver some bad news to the mayor of their old hometown of Kissing Springs.

Only Dillon doesn’t plan on running into Meadow Boyd as the new mayor—and the sparks from their high school romance returns. While he desires rekindling their affections, she’s a mayor too busy for love. With her hopes too high for a town in need of reinventing itself, Dillon’s news quickly crumbles all her plans.

One look into Meadow’s baby blue eyes and Dillon knows—he’ll work really hard, making her dreams and plans come true in more ways than one. Except he’s being pulled in too many directions from his latest custody battle with his ex, to his brother’s inconvenient schemes to reduce the town to rubble.

When his manager proposes a new opportunity, the stage calls him back to perform. But could he leave his hometown just when his relationship with Meadow heats up—and right when he’s feeling at home again in Kissing Springs?

In the end, he faces a decision—the pull of the stage or the heart of the home? Which entices him the most?
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