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Home Hues Ultimate Guide To DIY Painting + Printables

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From Novice to Pro with Home Hues

A detailed 180+ page guide complete with bonus printables for all your DIY painting needs

How to Choose the Right Paintbrush?🖌️

Our guide dives deep into the world of paintbrushes, providing you with detailed insights and practical tips.Read it and you'll quickly learn how to pick paintbrushes like an expert!

Step-by-Step Painting Process👩‍🎨

Painting your walls is a breeze with our guide! It covers everything from preparing your walls to applying the final coat, making the whole process simple and straightforward.

Bonus: Money-Saving Tips + Printables💰

Managing a home painting project without spending too much can be challenging. However, with some clever tips 🧠 and practical examples, you can get a beautiful result without overspending!

🏠 Join Our Home Hues Family to Improve Your Painting Skills!

You will get a PDF (98MB) file

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2 weeks ago

This book is a cool guide!

I read this book and find it very useful! The guy who wrote it clearly has a knack for paint. Everything is explained simply and clearly, as for beginners. Full of life hacks on how to do everything beautifully and without problems. Easy to read. After it, my hands are itching to paint something, I’m waiting for spring. In short, the book is fire, I recommend it!


3 weeks ago

Decent Tips

The printables section was okay. Made planning a bit easier. It's a decent guide if you're new to this painting thing.


3 weeks ago


Everything went fine, I've got a book. Easy to read and practical 😎


2 months ago

I have printed It

I wanted to get a paper copy, but the price on Amazon is much higher.
So I have printed it down by myself. It worked well.
And I saved a bit so it is easier to read it on paper.


2 months ago


I recently went to Home Depot with a friend to pick out some paint brushes for her new place.
We weren't too sure what to get, but I brought along a printed paper from your guide.
It turned out to be pretty useful in helping us figure out which brushes to buy.