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Love Revolution - How to Sell with Love, Integrity and Authenticity

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Love Revolution: How to sell with Love, Authenticity, and Integrity

"It isn't about what you deserve. It's about what you believe. And I believe in Love. Only Love will save the world" ~ Wonder Woman

If you feel that internet marketing is spammy, full of BS, false claims and hype that it turns you off...and you are looking for an authentic and ethical way of selling, then this message is for you.

Do you know that the Internet marketing (IM) industry is unregulated?

Any 'guru' can make claims they are the top guru or Number 1 guru in the world in their business.

The IM industry is a goldmine as it attracts opportunities seekers and desperate people. It is also a haven for scammers and fraudsters.

It is so full of hype that you don't even know who to trust anymore. The industry has become spammy, one that is full of over-promise but underdeliver.  Below is an example of one such experience.


You'll encounter so-called friends whom you hear once in a while. They will invite you for a chat. Instead of catching up on good old times, it ends up that they try to sell you on their latest business money making opportunities. Now you don't even know whether to accept your friend's invitation for coffee. What the world!

The use of the word 'F*ck.' is so popular in the West. Some popular motivational speakers use this word. And some of my teachers too. Maybe it is a commonly acceptable lingo, just like in the military. And some of us are adopting it cos they think it is cool.

Maybe it doesn't sound cool to you. 'I love you' or 'I really care about you' is more relatable to you.

I observe that some of the words they use are predatory and aggressive.
"Crash it!"
"Kill it!"

There are people who sell you what is most profitable for them rather than what is best for you. They will sell you a high-end sports car when you are just a beginner who is learning how to drive.

You wonder whose interest are they serving

If you are an internet marketer who feels that all these hype and these kind of selling are not the way you want to sell, then I have an alternative for you.

If you feel that it's not your style to be aggressive, to use the 4-letter words, to make unsubstantiated claims, the good news is that there is another way of selling that will resonate with you.

It's authentic marketing. Ethical marketing. Selling from the space of love and care. It is a way of selling without being salesy or pushy. It is a way that turns your prospects into your ambassadors who will spread the word about you. It's a way that attracts people like butterflies to flowers rather than chasing after rabbits. It's the way of attraction rather than pursuit.

It is a way that does not require manipulation or setting up tripwires to trip them or complicated funnels to suck them into a trap. It does not require you to manipulate their feeling and make them feel guilty or being a loser for not buying.

What is required is to harness the power of love, only if you have it in your heart. If you don't care about this lovey-dovey thing and you only care about making money using whatever means, then this is not for you.


I believe that the greatest power in the world is love.

What I will show you are simple ways, not complicated stuff nor technical stuff.

It's the little ways to express your love and care.
You'll discover how you can turn your fear of selling to become a joyous task when you realise that selling can be a good service to humankind.

You'll learn about the language of love and how to express them in your business.

I will give you a series of simple exercises. Turn them into daily habits until your expression of love is effortless and unconscious. It becomes a way of life.

It is a gentle and patient way. There is no pressure and stress as you go with the flow. I find it the easiest way. There is no expectation. Just do the right ritual.

I'll use the metaphor of seed planting.
You'll discover What are the seeds to use, where to plant them and how to plant them. In due time, some of these seeds will bear fruits for many seasons.

I am not here to throw stones at the ways of the internet warriors. Different strokes for different folks.

If the ways of a patient and gentle farmer appeal to your values, then I invite you to my ecourse.

If the idea of authentic and ethical marketing is your cup of tea, this is for you.

I conducted this workshop once. Here are what some of the participants said about the workshop.

 Here's what Diana Lane said about the program in her video.

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