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Piano Mechanics One: Prelude. Reason NN-XT/Combinator Edition

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Piano Mechanics One: Prelude. Reaon NN-XT/Combinator Edition. 
Grand Piano Samples/Patches for Reason.

The acoustic pianos that are supplied as standard with most DAWs don't seem to very good and my search for some free or inexpensive quality piano samples and patches proved fruitless, so here's the first 'Piano Mechanics' acoustic piano product for Reason: Prelude.   

Prelude has a deep, rich bass, a realistic and pure mid-range and a really nice 'tinkling' top end. It's expertly sampled and mapped in detail to deliver a versatile piano sound suitable for many musical genres including rock, pop, and classical/soundtrack pieces. 

This edition is a collection of ready-to-play Reason NN-XT/Combonitor patches, but it's also available as a .SF2 soundfont, Zampler patches and Bitwig Sampler Instrument Container Presets. 

Here's the Youtube demo video track:

Prelude is the first in a collection of Piano Mechanics acoustic piano soundware products. We will revisit the acoustic piano in coming soundware projects over the next few months.
You will get a ZIP (71MB) file

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