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Sun Star Brooch Bead Embroidery Tutorial

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A tutorial for my Sun Star Brooch. This uses a variety of bead embroidery techniques, including back stitch, bezelling using circular peyote, seeding and edging to make a statement brooch or pendant. Will suit beginner bead embroiderers comfortable with a needle - it's an ideal project for beadweavers or embroiders looking to try out bead embroidery as it covers key basic techniques.
The thirteen page tutorial contains a full materials list, with suggestions for colour schemes, and every step is fully illustrated with a detailed diagram showing thread paths etc, photos to show you what you are aiming for and every step is also written out clearly (in English).

You will need:
  • A 30mm domed flat back cabochon (I use my own hand painted domed glass ones, also available in my Etsy Shop, but you can also use any other 30mm flat backed, slightly domed cabs, such as Lunasoft, or Swarovski chessboards).
  • Seed beads - 11s in one colour, 8s in two colours, and 6s in one colour.
  • Dagger beads (5x16mm)
  • Bead embroidery base (I use Nicole's bead backing)
  • Bead embroidery backing fabric (I use ultrasuede)
  • Brooch back
  • Strong glue (I use E6000)
  • Beadweaving needles, thread of your choice, scissors.

Please note that I use a mix of Miyuki and Czech beads in these, and because of the nature of the bead embroidery you should be able to use any regularly sized, good quality type of bead - there's plenty of 'play' in the pattern.

Full requirements details including weights/numbers of beads are given on my website at Etsy Shop which contain all of the beads you will need, plus a hand painted, unique cabochon, bead backing, beading foundation and brooch back, or the individual 30mm cabochons in either a Liberty Print or a hand painted finish.  If those are out of stock you can view past pack bead listings here -

The tutorial will available through Payhip for you to download as a PDF as soon as possible after Payhip detects a cleared payment.

As a beader who designs and sells largely to support my own out of control bead buying habit, you may make from my tutorials to sell (in small quantities only) so you can buy lots more beads (and tutorials), but please ensure you give me full credit as designer.
Please do respect my rights as a designer and do not pass finished pieces off as your own design, teach the design, or reproduce this tutorial or the images in it in any way.  Thank you!
You will get a PDF (5MB) file
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