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Sorcery, Spaceships, & Sarcasm - Paperback

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Paperback version - US shipping is included. Also includes a free copy of the ebook!

Discover the worlds of N E Riggs

Shadows of an Empire: Swift as the Wind

Mel has waited all her life to fight against the forces occupying her country. Now that she can, she finds that her enemies are less frustrating that her comrades.

Only the Inevitable: The Antlions of Vanlang

Cethon must race against time to save her comrades after a terrible monster attack.

A More Efficient Fantasy: Optimizing Evil

Mika likes to make things work better. It’s just easier to work with the forces of evil.

Thousand Eye Universe: Chasing Relics

Vilstair must find a criminal who has far too many allies — and who discovered a great secret.
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