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Virtual Acrylic Application and Shaping Class

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  • Thank you for your interest, please view the following information on our online courses targeted to our  experienced and aspiring nail techs.

Here’s your chance to learn the next level of skills that separates the average nail tech from industry leaders. Alyssa Harewood Internationally Trained Nail Artist, Licensed Nail Tech and creator of Polished Pawzz designed this exclusive chance for you to supercharge or create your skills with online and virtual training.

Though some students may be hesitant about online classes we can assure our reviews and results are great from our international clients worldwide. We are fully booked for in studio sessions until September. However we have a number of options available. We can do a virtual consultation first, this is where you'll have a model and I watch you work and critique. The consulation cost is 50usd and must be purchased before this session. That fee is deducted if you decide to take either the virtual class or in studio class in September. This consultation basically helps me assess you as well as suggest if in person classes are absolutely necessary. The online training is 50% off the in person cost which is 350usd you'll pay $175 in total
What is required?
A model 
Wifi or Data connection
Phone Stand or Proper elevation of device.

Please contact us with any questions. Email us or Whatsapp us 246-822-3916
You will get a JPG (5MB) file
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