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Affirmations for Love

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Affirmations can have a positive impact on our lives. When we use specifically chosen words to help bring in what our soul desires, and repeat or listen to these words regularly, we can begin to reprogram and support our mindset positively.

These Affirmations have been created for you if you want to bring in more Love into your life, or prepare yourself to be open to receive and share Love.

There are exactly 40 positive Love Affirmations, with a play time of 60 minutes. This track can be used during your meditations, or play as you lay down to sleep, or upon waking. The Affirmations can help you reprogram your mindset with positivity towards Love.

All of the work that I do is always set with the intention of it being received for the Highest Good of the recipient. The same goes with the Affirmations I put together for you.

60 minutes - Repeat Affirmations with Music (Alpha Waves)

The Affirmation Journal is now available on Amazon. Get yours  HERE  to write your own personal Affirmations, Visions, and Goals in one place!

These Affirmations are for private use only. I have personally purchased the rights for the background music. My voice is intended to only be used for your own personal use. Not to be resold or in anyway to make profit from, as this is something I create with my time, resources, and energy.

Do Not play while driving or operating machinery!
You will get a MP3 (84MB) file