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Whether it's playing games in a military zone, cheating at school tests, crossing borders for cheap thrills or doing whatever it takes to make illicit money - these boys know that with every risk, they move closer and closer to an irreversible jeopardy. Deftly exploring masculinity and peer-pressure, these five coming-of-age tales from France, the Netherlands and Lithuania from burgeoning new filmmakers demonstrate that sometimes young hearts can run dangerously free.

GOTTA dir. Sarah Veltmeyer
Young Leon leads a solitary existence in a quiet port town. On the cusp of adulthood, he struggles to interpret his feelings and contain his frustration when his mother begins a relationship with a new man.

THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL dir. Gabriele Urbonaite
On the last day of school Edgaras is approached by old friend Viktoras, who proposes that the pair make a quick buck by smuggling cigarettes from Belarus across the border. Edgaras has a bright future ahead of him, but the temptation to transgress is one he cannot ignore.

TREE HOUSE dir. Simon Guélat
One long summer, four teenagers gather illegally on a military zone to build themselves a tree house. But as their return to school dawns, these golden days of cabin building will fast come to an end. In an attempt to cling onto what they had, Denis invites Mathieu for one last night at the tree house.

GAMEBOY dir. Giancarlo Sánchez
Four friends - Thijs, Tobias, Sjeng and Tarik -  exercise their wayward impulses by stealing their school's exam papers and selling them to their classmates for a price. Caught up in their newfound infamy and profiteering, the group seem invincible, but as soon as the outside world catches onto the affair, they must choose whether to surrender their newfound feeling of freedom, or to take things to the next level.

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POLLUX dir. Michaël Dichter
In a remote French town the mood is tense. Because the factory where their parents work will be closing, there'll be no summer camp this year for 13-year-old Vivian and Max. But Vivian has a risky plan to make enough money to get them all to camp anyway. Accompanied by their friend Tom, they engage in a race against time to raise the funds needed.
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