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Vulcana vs Aria Blake With Special Referee Nikki Lane

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(Women’s Singles Match for UCBW Title, Old School, Masks)

Aria Blake’s UCBW Title is up for grabs in this hard fought old school style match between her and masked challenger Vulcana, with Nikki Lane presiding over it all as the special referee! And it’s a corker of a match too, as Aria is very confident she can retain her title, while Vulcana is as confident that she can take it from her and is more worthy of it than her!

Vulcana tries to dictate the pace, stretching Aria over and over again, focusing especially on grounding her by attacking her legs, but Aria battles valiantly, doing all she can to hold onto to her belt! Is her best efforts enough to keep Vulcana from claiming it still though? Or can Vulcana succeed in wearing her down enough to be able to defeat her and become the new champion, thereby proving her pre-match belief about Aria right?

A title match that even with Nikki Lane as referee, is as traditional as it gets, with great psychology around targeting the legs to immobilize the champion Aria by Vulcana and a great heel/babyface story to go with it! Any pro wrestling purists should really enjoy this one!


Ankle Locks, Butt Drops (Arm Butt Drops & Back Butt Drop), Arm Pulls Through Ropes, Belly Punching, Body Stomp, Forearm, Hairpull, Hammerlock, Hand Sweep, Inverted Cloverleafs, Kicking (Back Kick, Soccer Kicks & Superkick), Knee to Face, Leg Nelson, Overhead Chops, Mat Face Grinding, Mat Face Slams, Modified STF, Rear Chinlock, Rope Choke, Side Headlock, Snapmare Takeover, Stretches (Arm, Shoulder & Leg Stretch & Surfboard Stretch), Wristlocks

(Shot in 4K)
You will get a MP4 (626MB) file
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