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Unravelling by Helen Forbes

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A gripping tale of dark secrets, lies and murder

Incarcerated in the gloom of a Highland asylum, a young mother finds illicit love. And death. Can her daughter unravel the twisted truth and save her own life?

Kate Sharp’s family is a mystery. Her mother, Ellen, disappeared into the shadows of Craig Dunain psychiatric hospital when Kate was a child. When her grandmother dies, Kate is desperate for answers. What were the circumstances of her mother’s life and death? Who is her father?

Kate’s not the only one trying to uncover the truth. The remains of two bodies with murderous injuries have been found buried in the forest next to the former hospital.

And someone else is searching for answers, and he will stop at nothing to find them.

As the tale of Ellen’s tragic unravelling unfolds, the secrets that led to her death are exposed, along with the shocking truth about Kate’s father.

Unaware of the danger stalking her, Kate continues her search. Will she find the answers? And can she save her own life?

Unravelling - Paperback - ISBN 1916888305. Published in the UK by Scolpaig Press on 19th July 2021