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Astrology & Tarot Members Club

Listen to your inner voice

Tune in to Nature

Observe your choices ...

This is the place for you as a Next Chapter Woman making changes, creating spaces for others, raising your vibration whilst helping others do so and keeping one foot planted firmly in the real world!

Your birth chart is a map … totally unique for you … of the stars at the moment you arrived here on Earth.

We have an inner language to listen to our intuition.

The members club is designed to help support you in this!

"I recommend the membership - it's really helpful to identifying so much in my chart" SL

Together, month by month, we will explore astrology AND the language of symbolism …

for life, business, dreams … 

how useful would it be to unlock even more creativity & abundance?

Are you ready to expand your magic?


the stars helping you to move forwards

the planets offering choices

Nothing is fated or destiny!


you already know so much and, using symbolism, you really can unlock even more of your intuition ...

Uncover ancestral memories to delve into what really makes your soul sing ...

A place for us to sit together & talk

You will have access to:

A dedicated dashboard of materials designed to help you discover more about your birth chart, your purpose and ... well ... you!

2 x one-hour group sessions each month on zoom

With a mixture of bitesize masterclasses and work-a-longs these group sessions are where you drop in and truly can be uniquely you!

Star info!

A Planetary Planner is sent out each month with significant Star information - useful for seeing what's coming up.

And there is plenty of opportunity for Q&A and conversations!

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Astrology & Tarot Members Club

per month
Just a note to say that you are signing up to a recurring monthly subscription.  Each month we will dig into planetary energies and/or symbolism to breathe life into your choices to move forwards! 

Full terms and conditions are at:

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