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Taken by Greek Gods: Five Divine Fantasies (Story Bundle)

Taken by Greek Gods: Five Divine Fantasies is a collection of five erotic short stories featuring characters from Greek mythology.

1. Dionysos and Aura (F/F, M/F)

Aura, a virgin nymph in the retinue of Artemis, unwittingly offends the goddess. Seeking revenge, Artemis arranges for her half-brother Dionysos to become a lust-filled pawn to use against poor Aura. He makes her drunk and rapes her in her sleep.

2. Poseidon and Medusa (M/F)

Poseidon rapes virgin priestess Medusa in the temple of Athena.

3. Ares and Hephaistos: From Husband to Wife - Genderswapped and Taken by her Lover

Hephaistos, longing to find out what gets his wife in the mood for sex, acquires a magic potion to swap their bodies. But he is in for more than he bargained for, because not only does he find out about Ares’ and Aphrodite’s affair this way, but he is about to be taken by his wife’s lover…

4. Hermes loves Dionysos (M/M)

Hermes and his half-brother Dionysos are sent to the Norse pantheon to deliver a gift of Greek wine.

Asgard may be cold, but Hermes and Dionysos get pretty hot…

5. Odysseus fattens Kalypso (M/F)

Odysseus is stranded on Kalypso’s island, without any means to leave. Kalypso wants him as her husband and coerces him to make love to her every night.

When Hermes promises Odysseus a calm and peaceful sea, he concocts a plan to get off the wretched island - by feeding and fattening Kalypso to immobility.


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Apollon and Dionysos

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