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Spirit and Form

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You who are on the way to the spirit, know that nothing unformed can ever reveal itself to you!

The spirit also needs form if it is to you

become aware! – –

Just as nothing in this outer world lacks form, so also in the inner world nothing is perceived unless it has become form...

You speak of an "empty" form!

But consider that the empty form is still the revelation of a will that once expressed itself in it, just as the empty shell of the snail tells you about the animal that lived in it! – –

What has become form in this outer world is an expression of an inner part of the outer world that could never be revealed to you in any other way...
However, every form of the inner world is always an expression of an innermost part that would never be present to you if you didn't have it as a form recognize in you...

Seek here in the outside world in any form whatsoever what is inside her, of which she is the expression!

This is how you will best prepare yourself, one day in the world of the spirit too, in any form that you may encounter there, to see the very innermost thing that it is an expression of shining out of it! – – –


Contents in German
The question. 
Outside and inside. 
residence and work. 
The form of joy.
form of suffering. 
The art of life.

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