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Hung Out To Die: A Lukas Boston Mystery

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Hung Out To Die: A Lukas Boston Mystery

“The last time I saw him, he looked a lot healthier. Not so… blue around the face, if you know what I mean.”

This is Lukas Boston’s expert opinion of Edward Rewold, who is discovered hanged in an abandoned warehouse and has a puzzling cryptic message —Lukas’ name painted on the corpse’s feet.

Lukas Boston is a private detective who attracts beautiful women, annoying ghosts and murder investigations no one else will take on. Now a greedy corporation believes that sending Lukas to the bottom of the harbour is the best solution to stop him poking his nose in its illegal business. But Lukas has unexpected help — Rewold’s ghost tells Lukas to search for his missing socks.

For a change, someone is only trying to drown Lukas, while somebody else decides to beat him to death with a pool cue. Normally, bad people want to shoot him. But the good times don’t last forever…

Welcome to the world of Lukas Boston, a place filled with crime, sex, ghosts and exploding fish & chip shops.
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