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Hello my fellow rockstar sister in business!

Welcome and keep reading to get your free seat in our next Small Business Startup and Growth Accelerator.

First, let me give a quick intro. I'm Carica, The Christian Entrepreneur Coach and CEO of Carica E. Williams Company, LLC. You and I most likely met via social media, probably on the gram or possibly Facebook.

As a Christian Entrepreneur Coach, I teach and empower women of faithpreneurs to grow and scale their business. God gave you that business for a reason, sis. To grow and prosper, so you can be blessed as well as be a blessing.

I turned my six-week Small Business Startup and Growth Accelerator into a two-night teaching and coaching experience and this spring, I have challenged myself to help teach 100 Women in 100 Days to Grow and Scale their entrepreneurial endeavors.

The two-night accelerator is a power-packed group coaching and teaching experience that will leave you empowered and strategically informed to grow and scale your business. You will be in a virtual environment with your womenpreneur peers who, like you, are currently stuck or unsure how to grow and scale their business from where it currently is.

Even in the group environment, you will have the opportunity to ask questions, receive 1-1 business coaching and consulting, and share comments.

Sessions are limited and class size is kept to a minimum, to ensure individual attention.

The first two sessions sold out!

The next session is May 11 - May 12 at 6:00 PM EST.

As part of my 100 Women in 100 Days campaign AND because I tithe everything, we are offering a limited amount of free seats per session,10 free seats to be exact, over the course of the campaign.

SIDEBAR: Why ten? 10 is 10% of 100 and tithe equals a tenth. So, I am tithing the amount of women I am aiming to enroll in the accelerator. It's a part of my business growth strategy. 😉

The Small Business Startup and Growth Accelerator sells for $325 per seat but during the 100 Women in 100 Days campaign it is selling for $99. HOWEVER, you have an opportunity to attend for free.


To snag your free seat, you must reserve it for $10. After the completion of the final night session, you will receive your reservation fee of $10 returned to you. If you do not attend both nights' sessions, your $10 reservation will be forfeited.

Any forfeited money we receive from no-show attendees who reserve free seats, is used to help off-set the cost for womenpreneurs who need financial assistance to attend future accelerators, workshops or training programs at Carica E. Williams. 

We charge a $10 reservation cost because each session offers a limited amount of free seats and if someone reserves a free seat and chooses not to show, that could have been a seat given to another woman who would have, but lost the opportunity. Therefore, we pay it forward with the forfeited $10 to help other sisters learn and be empowered.

Once your purchase is complete, you will receive a digital file confirmation with instructions and the access code for the Small Business Startup and Growth Accelerator.

I look forward to seeing you soon. View the two day agenda below.

Peace and blessings,

Carica E. Williams

Day One
  • Receive the formula to jump start or revive your God-given business.
  • How to step out on faith and seek God for business direction.
  • Learn where to make your initial investment and what impulse buys and pitfalls to avoid, especially in the beginning stages.
  • Marketing. Identify your target market and niche and how to market to them.
  • Branding. Develop your business brand message.
  • Structure. The proper way to form a business. 
  • The difference between incorporating and sole proprietorship and which is best for your business structure and why.

Day Two
  • How to choose the right business name or sub-name for SEO 
  • Website. Logo. Domain Name.
  • Learn a quick and easy way to draft a business plan and business model.
  • Key factors that stunt business growth and how to avoid them.
  • The difference between growing and scaling and how to identify the season to do each.
  • Where to acquire imagery and freebies. 
  •   Navigate through social media: where to find your audience, auto-scheduling, exposure, and growth.  
  • Where to outsource for less.
  • Business banking and important financial matters.
  • How to pray for your business.
You will get a PDF (137KB) file
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