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Shelby's Big Shave Down - [Maybe Our Prettiest Girl]

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Shelby may be the most beautiful haircut model of all time. 

We really believe that. Her height. Perfect. Her weight. Perfect. Her complexion. Perfect. Her smile. Perfect. You get the idea.

Today this beautiful girl next door is going for the biggest transformation imaginable. First she gets a chin length bob. The scissors hack  off nice and tight to the neckline. Then is a buzzed pixie, the clippers struggle with the thick curls. (Insert some comments from Shelby when she looks into the mirror.) Followed by her beautiful hair being reduced to a mound on the floor.
What haircut would be complete without a completely smooth head.
So what really made Shelby the most. Beautiful bald model ever? She looked fantastic at every single stage of the makeover.
You will get a M4V (4GB) file