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Taken by Greek Gods: Odysseus fattens Kalypso

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Odysseus washed ashore Kalypso's island and she made him her unwilling lover.

Odysseus is stranded on Kalypso's island, without any ships, nor crew nor even oars. Kalypso wants him as a husband and coerces him to make love to her every night.

When Hermes, a divine ancestor of Odysseus, promises to calm Poseidon's wrath against the hero, Odysseus concocts a plan to get off the wretched island - by feeding and fattening Kalypso to immobility.

This story features: feeding, stuffing, immobility, femdom, non-con / coercion, sexual slavery, vaginal sex, fingering, M/F

A well-known tale taken from the Odyssey and expanded. Author adds historically acurate details like meals, and measurements to make it appear more authentic. Although, it's the characters that really shine, giving a humanity to the hero and throwing in a few sex scenes for good measure!

Highly recommended!
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This is an erotic short story based on Greek mythology. The story contains explicit scenes of a sexual nature and is not intended for readers under the age of 18.
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