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Cottage Garden Blanket Square

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This is a crochet pattern written in US terms.

A versatile design which can be made in a single colour or multiple colours.  The sample uses 4 colours in each square.  Each sample colour is used once in each segment (i.e. each colour is used to work each round of the design once, but across 4 different squares).  

In the sample layout the colours shift through the available palette.  An alternative would be to use 4 colours for the whole blanket, rotating the colours so that an equal amount of each is used.

The pattern describes a join-as-you-go flat braid as the final round on each square.

If your tension / gauge is different from mine, or your yarn is a different weight (grams per metre), you may use different amounts of yarn.  If your gauge is looser / you have less meterage, you may need to omit either rnd 13 or 14.  Alternatively if you have extra yarn, rnd 14 could be worked as hdc or dc, or additional plain rounds may be added.

Sample is shown in 50g Milburn DK skeins from Eden Cottage Yarns - 1 in each colour, and 20 squares in total.  (Total weight 1000g (1 kg)).
You will get a PDF (1MB) file