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Mack Pack Bit Warmer

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The Mack Pack" is a bit warmer for 5"-5.5" both English and western bits. Adjustment lines are included so that you can customize the width to for your bit. It's not just a bit warmer, it's a hand held heat or ice pack!
The sewing pattern includes the reusable heat/ice packets. (For heating, you may use disposable hand warmers instead.) There are also instructions for making the heat/ice packet refillable instead of sewing them shut. It's a good option in case you want to wash the packets. The fleece cover can be machine washed and dried. The packets can be heated in a microwave for 30 seconds before inserting them in the inner pockets. The bit warmer is then folded and wrapped around the bit. Instead of holding a cold bit and blowing on it, you can place the bit in the warmer. A bit warmer is the perfect gift for both horse and rider.
You will get a PDF (904KB) file

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