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The Wrong Stranger Audiobook

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Heā€™s always enjoyed the darker things in life, finding that the thrill of the hunt and the kill are the only aspects of life he truly lovesā€¦

Bill Wright has spent years building a successful career that allows himĀ ampleĀ time to work on his favorite hobby, all while blending in with the rest of society. After a tragedy hits home, Billā€™sĀ marriage to a woman nearly half his age teeters on the edge, threatening his way of life.Ā 

He begins to see another side to his wife that recaptures his attention. Bill invites Ashley to join him in hisĀ interests, hoping to reignite some passion in their relationship.

Holding on to a secret she isnā€™t aware of keeping, Ashley struggles against the void that comes with each agonizing headacheĀ as she discovers who her husband reallyĀ isā€¦ and who truly liesĀ within herself.

ā€¦ but will his wifeā€™s secret be all that it takes to undo him
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