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Real injury external fixator nylon crutching public -Hailey -

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24 minutes long. Full HD. Sound on. ENGLISH AUDIO

Hailey information: 162 cm tall and shoe size. 40 EU / 9 US. Her Instagram: xHailey_moonx

Hailey broke her foot on september first and after a surgery she has been using a external fixator on her foot. She is not able to put any weight and is crutching using underarm crutches and wearing a nylon on her foot.

During the video she is crutching a public park for a long time with great close-up shots from every single angle while is crutching. After a few minutes crutches she is resting her foot in a bench where you can see her sole, toes and external fixator clearly even that she is wearing a nylon.

After a few minutes resting she continues crutching in a public area until she decides rest her foot again while is explaining her injury, what happened, pain and swollen areas of her foot. She is also rubbing her toes and sole while is explaining her injury with a great close-up shot.


You will get a MP4 (3GB) file